Thursday, August 7, 2008

Archbold and Noyce photo packet

Rather than copy them, a relative took the plunge and *posted* me several hundred photos of the Noyces and Archbolds, ones they inherited, mostly from the 20s-40s, and they wrote the names on the backs where the previous comments didn't cover it. I've been scanning them, annotating them, and naming them so that I can print them out and upload them to the other website. And send the originals back.

The notes on the backs are fascinating, they are like little postcards with all sorts of comments on them - probably a hangover from the time when photos were sent as postcards. A lot of them are written in fountain pen, and sometimes it has run if it got wet.

Its been a great help filling in gaps in the family trees and adding new generations.

At the same time I got a mailing from an elderly Archbold 2nd cousin once removed in the Wellington area who isn't online and must have done all their research on foot, as it were. (I wouldn't really know how to do that) I am wondering how best to send them what I have, in what form, and wondering what they would consider relevant - eg for myself, I like getting information and photos of distant cousins, and find it helpful and valuable, but I understand many others prefer to focus on their immediate ancestors and don't want to/have time to pursue what they see as sidelines.

But your siblings could have memories of your parents/grandparents that you never
had, back through each generation. I've "found" ancestors in the census images living with relatives in later life, just by making routine checks that didn't
seem so romising at first.

Those little tiny snaps you get about 3 inches by 2 don't look like much but when you scan them and blow them up they can be very informative. I suppose they were good for posting overseas between Chichester and Hawera.

Family names represented: Noyce, Archbold, Roberts, Nielson, Stubbington, Hart, Whitlock Locations: Chichester, Hawera, Christchurch