Saturday, August 9, 2008


I've finished scanning and labelling all those photos that came in the post, apart
from saving a sample of each person's handwriting from the backs.
I've realised that I am saving each photo in several forms - bitmap, for long-term storage because they don't shrink, jpeg above 1mb for printing out at some stage, jpeg under 1 mb for uploading and emailing, paper, and cd. This is a lot but I can't yet think of a better way to handle things. There are also so many in the "family tree" folder that it takes a long time to sift through them and can be hard to find the one I want if I didn't name it carefully.

I can't go through and rename them, or move them to new folders, as some of them are linked to my family tree program and they stop working if renamed or moved.

I'm certainly learning a lot.

I sent notes to the new cousin in Wellington with the query whether he would like
photos on disc as I can't print them all out.